Why The Best Time To Hire Brisbane Painters is Right Now

Have you been putting off painting your home’s exterior? It’s a time-consuming job that requires concentration, so we don’t blame you. There’s only so long you can ignore your 

Why Spring Is The Perfect Painting Season

Autumn and winter might be relatively dry months in Australia, but the temperatures are lower than normal, and if you try to paint your home you’ll find that you or your painters can only get to work once the sun has risen fully and you’ll be forced to stop in the afternoon when the temperature starts dropping. This is because dull or misty weather prevents paint from curing – even if there isn’t a single drop of rain. It’s essential for your paint surface to be warm as this helps each coat to adhere and dry quicker. Paint applied to cold surfaces tends to crack quickly once dried.

If you wait until summer, you can expect to run into problems brought about by seasonal rain. Moisture and paint aren’t a good combination as the former encourages the latter to swell, blister and peel. This means that you could paint your home in early summer, only to have it look as if you never repainted at all months later. Hold off on summer painting, and you’ll also prevent mildew and mould from growing or having the paint fade prematurely due to ultraviolet ray exposure.

Like most people, you probably take your holidays at year end to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Day with family or at the beach. Do you really want to spend this time in uncomfortable overalls painting in the sweltering heat? Instead, leave it to the professionals and do it this spring​.

Before You Start Painting

With the weather is dry and mild as it is in spring, it’s the perfect time to paint your home. We recommend that you start with an exterior inspection first to see if any minor repairs need to be done first. Taking care of this will extend the lifespan of your paint job and the work done by your Brisbane painters.

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