A well-painted space exudes a sense of luxury. It can make any home or office look clean and sophisticated. Depending on the colours you choose, you can make your walls look as wide or tall as you’d like, allowing you to gain control over how your space looks like.

But more than choosing a colour, where you get your painting service also greatly matters. A professional paint job will not only ensure that the paint adheres to where it is brushed on, but that your walls also remain to be a smooth well-painted surface in the years to come.

Where you get your painting services will determine how well it will turn out. Whether you’re looking to paint or repaint your home interior, exterior, or office space, working with professional painters will ensure that you will get great-looking results.

At BJC Painting Services, we guarantee to provide top-notch painting services for our clients in the Gold Coast area. Our team of professional painters will ensure that you get a lot of high-quality paint options to choose from, and provide professional and efficient paint services on your property.

Painters Gold Coast

We offer top-notch painting services to residential and commercial properties on the Gold Coast. Our wide selection of paint options paired with our efficient workmanship allows us to get everything done, no matter how small or big the project. Our services include:

Interior house painting

Cracked walls, fading white almost turning yellow, and bubbles forming on the surface — these are some of the culprits why some homes do not look as welcoming despite the owners redecorating efforts. Truth is, it’s hard to make any space look elegant and clean when the walls look old and tired.

Our interior house painting services will transform your home through our selection of high-quality paints and finishes. Our team’s pre-painting preparation will ensure that cosmetic issues such as cracks and holes are taken care of. Once everything is covered up, we will then proceed to apply high-quality and long-lasting paint to make your space look more vibrant and luxurious.

painters brisbane
painters brisbane

​Exterior House Painting

Loose paint or a dirty surface due to mould or mildew can make the exterior of your home look old. It creates an abandoned appearance that can keep you from increasing the value of your property. Professional exterior house painting will allow you to transform your exterior to become more vibrant and inviting.

You can choose from our selection of top-quality paints that are UV-resistant, thus ensuring that it will not fade even with persistent exposure to daylight, especially with the Gold Coast weather. During pre-application, we also do a thorough washing of the home’s exterior to rid it of dirt and grime. We make sure to give our 100% in every project and remain results-focused so you get the look that you’re aiming for once our job is done.

Body corporate

Apart from homes on the Gold Coast, we also offer painting services to residential and corporate spaces owned by a body corporate. Professionally painting your space is a great way to make your area look bright and vibrant, creating a positive impression on potential customers. We make sure to use premium paints and implement an efficient work system that will ensure exceptional output in the shortest amount of time possible.

We understand the importance of doing our work in the most non-disruptive manner possible. This is why we offer after-hours service to make sure that we won’t get in the way of you doing your everyday routine. After all, we pride ourselves on being a results-focused and flexible team that is able to work according to our clients’ needs.

painters brisbane
painters brisbane

Commercial painting

It may seem simple, but one of the best ways to create a positive and welcoming space for your business is by having clean and well-painted walls. It can make your commercial space appear wider and bright, creating a positive vibe that’s essential for branding.

We understand that due to high daily traffic and operation-related incidents, your walls are prone to getting holes and cracks. Our team will make sure to fix cosmetic issues on the surface before applying high-quality paint. We can also work on the after-hours of your operation to ensure little to no disruption in your everyday work.

Painting Contractors on the Gold Coast

painters brisbane

With more than 20 years of experience in the professional painting industry, we have refined our processes and selection of products. This is to ensure that we can provide excellent results to our clients. After initially focusing on the Brisbane area, we are now expanding our reach to the Gold Coast. But despite the changes, we still make sure to provide high-quality service to our clients.

With our selection of superb paints that come in a wide variety of hues and finishes, we guarantee to deliver the appearance and sheen that you’re looking to achieve for your property. Our excellent workmanship will ensure that the pre-paint application, application, and post-application processes are done as efficiently as possible.

To make the process of colour selection easier for you, we have a free Digital Colour Overlay service that will help you get a glimpse of how specific colours will look on your property. If you’re unsure of your colour choice, our consultants can also provide you with expert advice on which hues would best suit your space.

We are confident in the service we provide our clients. This is why we have a 5-year warranty on all projects we work on, no matter how big or small. Working with us means having clean, great-looking walls and exterior for years on end.

While commonly overlooked, we understand the sly yet immense impact of a bad paint job. It can quickly deteriorate the look of any space, no matter what redecorating you do. Whether you’re looking to improve the interior or exterior of your property, a professional and high-quality paint job will ensure that it stays looking luxurious for a long time. It will increase the appeal of your space, and certainly, help you make a great impression. Are you looking for professional painters to work on your Gold Cost property? Get in touch with us!

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