Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about paints or painting in general? Do you need to get a quote? Do you have any painting projects that you would be needing help with? Are you looking for highly skilled professionals by typing in “painters Brisbane” ? We’ve got you covered!

Frequently asked questions

We are a highly skilled professional painting service servicing the Brisbane and Gold Coast area for over two decades.

We offer a wide variety of services for projects big and small (and everything else in between)! We do exterior and interior paint jobs for residentialcommercial, and industrial projects to lead paint removalbody corporate paint jobs, timber deck restoration, and more!

To get an estimate or a quote for a project, give us a call on 0402 764 497, send us an email at, message us over on our Facebook page, or simply fill out the form on our website under the “Contact Us”  tab

Since every job is different, we’ve come up with a simple process in drawing up an estimate or quote for you. The process consists of:

  • A site visit  for consultation and to better determine the scope of the project – here we will measure your space and assess the surface for any issues that may arise such as moulds, mildew, rotting timber, rising damp, etc.
  • A sit-down discussion to go over your preferences and requirements such as the colour scheme and type of finish along with necessary surface treatments, and estimated project duration.
  • A written quote or estimate which includes all the specifics that we’ve agreed upon to be sent to you via email.

As a home or business owner, you can prepare for this by picking out the colours that you want (we found that this is one of the biggest hurdles clients have). We are also more than happy to assist you in choosing the right colour scheme (along with other design elements) for you but it certainly does make it easier if you have a clear vision for the project.

We pride ourselves in being the professionals that we are and we guarantee you that our free estimates include a detailed description of all the tasks needed to be undertaken. Payment terms and estimated time of completion will also be shown. 

Once you decide to work with us, we can guarantee that what we present is what you will pay for – no more, no less!

We’re more than just a team here at BJC – we’re more than professionals, we are family. We share the same values, integrity and strong work ethic that enables us to deliver excellent workmanship and quality service at all times.

This also means that all the work is done by our team – no subcontractors, no outsourcing – all work is done by our roster of highly-skilled and fully-insured painters. Likewise, we always get with the times – we keep ourselves abreast with all the newest products, trends, technologies and techniques to give you that long-lasting and outstanding paint finishes that you truly deserve.

Our prices are also some of the most competitive in the region.

Aside from the company’s 20 years years of experience in painting and decorating, we are also proud of our highly-skilled and fully-insured painters.

We do have a gallery of our completed projects – just visit our site and click on the “Gallery” tab. Here we have photos of our completed projects. You can also read and view many video testimonials from actual, satisfied clients on our youtube channel. These testimonials should also give you an idea on how we work.

All legitimate and reputable businesses are insured – this protects you, the client. The insurance protects our team too! Our insurance protects our workers in case of any untoward incidents on your property giving you that peace of mind (and less expense) as a home or business owner. Many super low cost painters are not insured…

YES! All work whether big or small – we guarantee to deliver quality service from start to finish. Our work comes with a seven- year workmanship warranty for your satisfaction and peace of mind in the years to come.

  • Once you’ve approved the quotation or estimate and have finalised the schedules, we begin by immediately setting up the work area in a manner that will keep any disruptions to a minimum.
  • The next step will be prepping of the surfaces – this process includes sanding to get rid of any old paint, filling up cracks to get a smoother finish, and applying the necessary treatments as indicated in the quotation.
  • Once all the prep work is done, the painting process begins. An onsite supervisor will be present daily during the duration of the project to ensure that everything is done correctly and everything else goes smoothly.  If, during any time of the actual work, you decide to add something to be done – please feel free to call us right away so we can provide you with an updated quote.
  • Once the job is done, we call you for a full walkthrough – this is where you can fully inspect the finished job together with the supervisor so we’ll know immediately if you are satisfied or not with the work done. While we always abide by our very high standards of work, we also value feedback from our clients.
  • The moment that everything is to your satisfaction and we’ve signed off on the project, we will tidy up the site leaving it spick and span.

Each painting service company has its own formula to calculate the cost of a paint job. Our company follows this simple workflow in drawing up a quote:

  1. We conduct a site visit for a consultation and inspection to determine the scope of the project. We will also measure your space and assess the surface for problems that may need to be addressed such as rising damp, moulds, mildew, rotten timber, and excess moisture.
  2. We’ll sit down and discuss your preferences and requirements such as the colour scheme to be used and the type of finish. We will also discuss other specifics such as the number of coats to be applied, the number of painters who will be working on the project, surface treatments if necessary, and the estimated turnaround time.
  3. After gathering all information we need for the project, we will prepare a written quote along with all the project specifics that we have both agreed on, and send it over to you via email.

The written quote will have the description of work including the breakdown of each task that needs to be done such as surface preparation, number of coats to be applied, cost of labour. You will also see the payment terms and the project’s estimated time of completion.

Our quotes are clear and easy to understand. What you see on the sheet is all that you will pay for once the job is done. There are no hidden charges whatsoever so you will not be caught off guard with a huge bill.

After you approve the quote and finalise the schedule along with all the other details, we’ll commence with setting up the work area in such a way that it will minimise disruption as much as possible.

Our team will then proceed with prepping the surfaces such as sanding, filling up visible cracks, and apply all necessary wall treatment as detailed on the quote.

After surface preparation and treatment, we will begin painting. We have a supervisor overseeing the project on a daily basis to minimise, if not avoid any mistakes and redos that may delay the project completion. If there’s anything you need to be done that’s not indicated on the quote, please feel free to call us so we can draw up another quote and send it over to you.

Once the job is done, we will ask you to inspect it. Our supervisor will accompany you so we’ll know straight away whether or not you are satisfied with the work. While we set a very high standard on every task that we undertake, only our clients have the final say whether we did an excellent job or not. This is how much we value our client feedback after project completion. 

When we get your thumbs up on the project, we’ll tidy up the place and leave it as clean as when we have first arrived

At BJC Painting Services, your satisfaction comes first. We have a team of highly-skilled and experienced tradesmen that work on each painting job from start to finish and one supervisor who will oversee the entire project to ensure that each member is continuing the high standards of workmanship and customer satisfaction that BJC Painting services aims for.

Unlike our competitors, we do not outsource our projects to ensure that each project is done according to our impeccable standards. Our in-house tradesmen have access to the latest tools and are capable of undertaking paint jobs big or small. We take pride in the quality of our work and we will not put our reputation on the line by hiring subcontractors to do the job for us.

Yes! All of our tradesmen are fully licensed and carry the necessary insurance to protect both our team members and our customers in case some untoward incident happens during the course of the project.

BJC Painting Services offers the following services:

  • Interior residential painting and decoration
  • Exterior residential painting
  • Commercial and industrial painting
  • Body corporate paint jobs
  • Lead paint removal
  • Timber deck restoration

When you get our services, we guarantee:

  • Free quote, digital overlay and colour consultation
  • Professional and friendly service from our tradesmen
  • Guaranteed no subcontractors
  • Highly-skilled and fully-insured team of painters to take on the job
  • Seven-year workmanship warranty
  • High-quality finish on any surface and clean worksite at the end of each project

Our team is a true industry leader with over 20 years of experience in painting and decorating. We keep ourselves abreast with all the latest trends, techniques, products, and technologies to deliver outstanding and long-lasting paint finishes in your residential and commercial properties.

We pride ourselves with excellent workmanship and integrity. We also offer one of the most competitive pricing in the region. We are fully transparent with our quotes and our rates can be tailored to our client’s budget.

At BJC Painting Services, we’re not just a team; we are a family sharing the same work ethics and values. This is the reason why we don’t outsource our projects to other painting companies. We are committed to delivering only the best service and we will not risk the quality of our work by handing the task over to a team of strangers.

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