Colour trends change constantly. The 1960s reflected its era with wild bold colours and bubblegum pastels. The ’70s, however, was more subdued with warm earthy hues being the preferred colour of many homeowners. The 2000s, on the other hand, leaned towards minimalism. Different shades of white were popular, along with pale pastels and greys.

If you’re a homeowner, you’re probably wondering whether you should follow the latest colour trend or be brave enough to buck it. But the thing to remember about colour trends is that they evolve. If you’re just trying to follow a trend, you’re going to be disappointed in a couple of years when it changes once again.

Dulux Sophisticated glow

(Image reference – Dulux Sophisticated glow)

Dulux Eclectic allure

(Image reference – Dulux Eclectic allure)

That’s not to say you can’t use colour forecasts and trends at all in choosing a Dulux paint colour for your home. You can still use them as a starting point in choosing the right paint colour. You can also use them to find what you like or find a certain style direction you want to go after.

Our advice? Look at colour palettes and see which one speaks to or resonates with you. Which colour do you like best? Do you have a piece of artwork or some furnishings that you love that go well with your chosen colour? They might not go perfectly together and you might need to tweak it, but it’s an excellent starting point.

One thing the colour palettes and forecasting imagery are good for is when you want to be adventurous with your choice of colour. Pick out the dominant colour in your favourite artwork and objects and use it on your walls. You can also take complementary colours within an artwork and use them on your walls for more contrast.


The Dulux Colour Forecast 2024

Given BJC Painting Services is Dulux Accredited and the fact we only use Dulux paints on all our jobs whether they be commercial or residential, our colour consultants have an intimate knowledge of colour trends past and present. Our longstand relationship with Dulux enables our colour consultants to guide and provide our clients with the latest trending influences (including the Dulux Colour Forecast 2024) which provide a finished painting project that is not only modern but something which will keep you loving it into the years ahead.


If you like Scandinavian hues but need some warmth for your home, then check out the different colours in the Dulux Solstice palette. It’s got the standard Scandinavian pale blues and yellows, as well as neutrals. But Dulux has also infused it with rich tans and soft pinks reminiscent of the Mediterranean landscape. It’s like sitting in the middle of a desert and taking in the sights in the late afternoon.

The Solstice is perfect for homeowners who need a little warmth in their home. Our favourites include Natural White, Lama, Reddy Brown, and Pure Blue. If you want to use two colours (the first one will be your main colour and the other will be your accent), try pairing Jodhpurs and Tan Wagon. Potter’s Pink and Ocean Surf also go well together, while Reddy Brown and Light Rice Half provide a great contrast.


Bold lilacs, brash azures, and cooling greens make up the Dulux Journey palette. This palette was inspired by colours of culture, travel, and adventure. If you’re adventurous with colour and you’re unafraid to brighten up your space, then pick one in this chic and modern palette.

If you want to play it safe and you’re not ready for bold colours yet, then choose Pollinate, Antique White U.S.A., or Beige Artefacts.

But if you want your house to show your eclectic and adventurous side, then choose Carmen, Xena, Swedish Blue, or Bruised Burgundy. Feel free to mix and match the colours in this palette.


Classic, elegant, and earthy best describe the Dulux Muse palette. It’s filled with vivid blues and refreshing greens. But what sets it apart is the deep tans and browns included in the palette. These rich colours give it a distinctly retro feel — like you’re transported back to the ’70s.

Lexicon Quarter, Poached, and Canyon Cloud are perfect if you want classic colours. If you’re ready to be more daring, then choose Surf Green, Fantan, Guitar, or Fluorescent Fire. You can use a lighter hue, such as Surf Green or Fantan, to paint trims, windows, and doors. Go for a darker colour to give a room a vintage vibe.

Trying It Out

If you want to be more adventurous with colour, make sure to get the largest colour sample you can. We recommend A4 colour swatches, which are available on the Dulux website. We also recommend getting some sample paints and painting the space with two coats. Go for a larger area so you’ll have a good idea of how it will look.

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