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Are you looking to not only improve the street appeal of your property but also increase your property’s market value?

Getting the exterior of your home painted, will do just that!

Our team of experts have over 20 years of experience painting exteriors and can help with everything from colour conception to completion.

Our professional services include:

  • Obligation Free, Colour Consultation and Quote.
  • BJC Painting Services are Dulux accredited and are members of Master Painters Australia
  • Equipped with all of the latest state of the art equipment used by our highly skilled Painters.
  • Excellent time management, with the ability to do a high-quality job within a strict deadline.

Our Promise

Competitive Pricing

Amazing Long-Lasting Results

Friendly Approachable Staff

Getting started is easier than you think with BJC Painting Services

Our friendly staff will guide you through every step of the way

Your home will be in safe hands with our team of experienced exterior home painters. To make sure your home looks its best!

BJC Offer all the services you need

Our friendly staff will guide you through every step of the way

To ensure the longevity of your homes exterior paint, we offer a range of different services to prime your home, for the best possible outcome, including:

Thorough evaluation of your homes facade

  • Removal of loose paint, mold, dirt and mildew
  • House washing
  • Fence painting and deck restorations

Our exterior house painting Brisbane service ensures that you get superb exterior paint that will upscale the value of your property. It will also keep your house looking elegant for years without needing any rework.

As with interior house painting, our team can prepare the exterior of your house through house washing and removing old paint, dirt, and grime before proceeding with the actual painting. Our selection of high-quality Australian manufactured paints can withstand UV rays as well as hot and dry temperatures, so you’re guaranteed to have a beautiful exterior paint job that will last for years.

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Digital Overlay

Unpainted house

House with digital paint overlay

House with digital paint overlay

House with digital paint overlay

With our free digital overlay service you can see what your colour schemes will look like on your house before we start painting. This helps you minimise the chance of choosing the wrong colour scheme.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide fast, affordable and long lasting painting solutions to encourage ongoing recommendations to others”

What people say?

I have called on Brett from BJC painting to assist me with my rental property on a couple of occasions.

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He has now painted it inside and outside and he has restored a rather shabby neglected old Queenslander back to her former glory. Brett was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to any possible clients.

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Marilyn Searles
Brett painted both the interior and exterior of our very large house. The work was extensive and included

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some cosmetic renovations. We found Brett obliging, reliable and efficient. He provided helpful advice and we were more than satisfied with the high quality of the outcome – which also fell well within our budget. We would not hesitate to recommend Brett to others.

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We can highly recommend the services of Brett Calendar and his team. Brett and his team painted our whole

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renovated Queenslander, inside and out, including restoring original window frames, feature walls, fences and furniture. It was a very complicated job involving 4 colours of paint (including gloss black enamel) with different finishes for each paint. However, they did an incredible job at a very reasonable price. And they delivered on time every time. Brett has been very professional and friendly in all his dealings with us. No job or change was too small or too difficult. Every member of Brett’s team who worked on our job was extremely courteous and polite and worked very neat and tidy. It has been a great experience working with Brett and his team.

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Elitha Bouwer
Brett and his team did a fantastic job on our new decks. The painters who did the work went above and beyond.

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The end result is amazing and we couldn't be happier. Thanks BJC Painting.

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Andrew McKelliget

Exterior house painting

painters brisbane

Painting your home’s exterior is one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase the value of your property and create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. But before the actual paint application, there are a lot of things that come into play during the preparation stage to ensure you get the best results..

These steps will ensure that all unsightly cosmetic gaps and holes are filled, and the exterior of your home is well-primed so that paint effectively adheres to the surface. It will also ensure that the paint to be applied will be able to withstand all the extreme weather changes, like the intense Australian sun.

Naturally, overtime the paint on your exterior is going to look a little worn. Depending on the climate in your area,  your home’s exterior may be subjected to extreme weather changes that may cause the paint to lose its vibrancy quite easily. Living in Australia, for example, may have your home subjected to extremely sunny or rainy days which can affect the materials used in the exterior of any home.

Chemicals in old paint used can break down, and mold can grow on the surface. Aside from that, the quality of the materials used in your home’s exterior may also take a blow from the elements. If your home is made of concrete, cracks  and holes can develop overtime. Blistering and flaking may also occur and this must also be addressed before your home is repainted.

Needless to say, it takes a keen eye to see what cosmetic fixes need to be done and a trained mind to know how these fixes can be done. This is why exterior home painting is a task that is best left to the professionals as they have the skills and materials needed to do the preparation work. In fact, here are some things professionals do during pre-painting preparations:

Filling and replacing timber

If your home is built using timber, it’s highly likely that you’ll have a few rotten pieces here and there. These rotten pieces must be removed and replaced before the surface is primed and painted on. If the exterior has cracks and holes, these parts must also be taken care of by filling them with top-grade fillers.

Preparing cement, masonry and brickwork

If the exterior is made of some type of masonry or bricks, removing loose paint with a stiff brush and filling holes are important. The surface must also be fully primed and sealed before paint is applied. This will create a protective barrier which will keep the materials from losing moisture.

It will also ensure that they remain durable enough to prevent cracks from forming, as much as  possible. In some cases, some areas need cement or brick replacements, these parts must be allowed to cure completely before the primer or paint are applied. The curing process can take up to 4 to 8 weeks depending on the material.

Timber staining and sanding

If your home’s exterior is made of timber, sanding down exposed parts of the material is important to prevent flaking and peeling. Aside from that, it’s  also worth knowing that timber has a natural staining agent called tanning that may be caused by moisture through the surface. A tannin blocking top coat must, therefore, be applied before the actual paint job. A fresh and well coated surfaces ensures that the paint to be applied will have a stable surface to adhere to.

Burying and filling nail heads

In some cases, nails are needed to be used for the preparation, it’s important that they are buried at least three millimeters from the surface. The holes above the nail heads must then be filled using fillers to ensure that they don’t show through the paint.

Old paint testing and stripping

In order to test the old paint on the home’s exterior, a cut must be made on top of the old paint. Next, an adhesive tape must be pressed down on the cut and then quickly removed to see if the paint comes off. In case the old paint needs to be stripped back, heat guns or chemical strippers may be used.

If the old paint was applied on timber and has developed blisters, flaking or peeling over time, it’s important to seal off the source of moisture that’s causing these cosmetic issues. This could mean checking for cracks and openings on windows and doors. Promoting proper air flow in these areas is also important to prevent blisters, flaking, and peeling from happening again.

Remove chalking and mold

If you’re located in sunnier places like Australia, exposure to UV rays may cause the oil-based enamel paint applied on the property to create a powdery surface. This needs to be washed down and removed completely before primer or paint is applied.

In some cases, mold can also grow on parts of the home that’s exposed to moisture. Remove mold by mixing 1 part bleach into 3 parts of water. Apply onto the molded surface before rinsing it with water after a good 15 minutes. A mold-blocking primer must then be applied after the surface is washed and dried.

House painting

Exterior house painting is a task that is best left to professionals who can do them professionally and properly. Professional home painting doesn’t just involved painting an old surface, but also includes effective handling of cosmetic issues and going the extra mile to ensure that these issues do not arise again.

Professionals know how to complete a paint job effectively in the shortest amount of time. This includes preparation, painting, and curing altogether. They use high-quality materials and have streamlined processes to ensure that everything is done in the best way and best time possible.

Professional painters do not shy away from issues that may arise in the painting process. Instead, they immediately recognize these issues and are able to come up with an effective immediate fix. They will ensure that your home looks well-maintained, thus increasing its value.

Exterior home is a form of investment that must be done properly to ensure that every penny spent is worth it. And it doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank for you. A lot of times, getting a great professional home paintwork is a matter of finding the right people to do it for you.

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