How to get longevity when painting your house

The best way to maintain your paint on your house is to regularly check up on it to identify problems early. Like anything in life, it’s easier to solve problems while they are small.

So by checking the house intermittently, you are able to identify potential problems and solve them before they cost a lot of money.

First 12 months check up

“As part of our quotation when painting your house, we come back to your house and do a free 2-hour maintenance check-up,” Brett said.  “We check to see if there is any wear and tear on the paint on your house.”

For example, hoses could rub up against the side of the house, or a dog could be scratching at the back door.

We like to check that everything is ok and going well after we have painted your house.

On-going services to save thousands

Further to this, we like to offer our clients a service where we come to wash down your house every 12 to 24 months.

“It really depends on the location of your house, if it is located in a dense area of the city where there is more pollution, we suggest washing your house every 12 months.  If it is further out, away from the pollution, we recommend washing your house every 24 months,” Brett said.

How much do you save by having it checked every 12 to 24 months

By doing these regular check-ups on your house, we can pick up any problems with your paint early and potentially save you thousands of dollars.

For example, if the paint is cracking and water gets into the wood, then it is likely that you are going to need to replace the timber.

This means that you will need to hire someone to fix this and replace whatever is damaged. This can turn into thousands of dollars very easily, which could be saved simply by identifying problems early.

How to get longevity when painting your house
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