If you need advice on which colour to paint your home, ask these expert Brisbane painters

The easiest and most cost-effective way to transform your home in as short a time as possible is to paint it. A new colour scheme or even a single statement wall can make a room seem bigger or cosier, encouraging relaxation or invigorating you. Walking into any Brisbane painter’s premises can be overwhelming. as there are thousands of colours to choose from. Where do you start? Begin with Dulux Australia’s list of most-requested paint colours to see what other homeowners are choosing.

Neutrals Are Always An Excellent Choice

According to Dulux, Australians tend to gravitate towards neutral colours. This is a great choice as it allows you to switch up your interior design and decor with ease. And with colour playing a massive part in a property’s appeal to buyers and the selling price, it’s also a financially savvy decision.

Here are a few colours that are popular among Australians in 2018.


Charcoal may seem a dramatic choice, but it’s less intense than black. When used as a highlight in specific areas (such as in a home theatre or on a statement wall in a bedroom) it can have an arresting effect. You don’t need to use much charcoal to create an impact in your home. According to Forbes, merely painting your front door this colour can increase its selling price by several thousand dollars.


Many people consider white to be dull or cold, or best used only when creating a stark, minimalist look. Thankfully there are many toned whites available to complement individual decor styles without being too restrictive. White with an undertone of grey is a warm neutral shade that works well with eclectic and colourful decor. While white with a blue undertone works well in homes with a classic blue colour scheme and nautical theme. Finally, white with a hint of green looks great in oasis-style homes that are filled with plants, bohemian decor and light-coloured furniture.

If you still feel you’re no closer to settling on the perfect colour, remember that your Brisbane painter can help you make this decision. Sometimes you need an unbiased, professional eye to help you find the perfect shade – and bring it to life before your eyes.

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