Brisbane Painters Recommend the best time to Paint Your Home Interior

Repainting the inside of your home (or just a one room or a statement wall) is an easy and impactful way to update your living space according to the latest décor trends or to create a different look altogether.

The challenge often comes down to deciding when to do it, because painting takes time and effort. If you’re trying to decide when to get going, you might be happy to hear there’s no better time to paint the interior of your home than in winter – and even professional Brisbane painters agree!

Ideal Conditions

Winters in Australia typically bring dry, cold weather. While this might not be great for getting going in the morning, it’s ideal for painting. Humidity is notorious for making paint take much longer to dry and cure properly than it does in dry conditions.

Also, having your windows closed and relying on your interior ventilation system will help the paint to dry more quickly. The cooler weather also makes for a more comfortable work environment. As a result, this will enable the painters to complete their work more quickly.

Better Rates

Typically, most people greet spring and summer with a revamp in the home. So, professional painting services are in greater demand. Because winter is considered off-peak season for decorating. you will likely be presented with better rates and enjoy the better availability of service at this time. You might even be able to give your exterior a paint pick-up at the same time.

Better Hours

The sun rises later and sets earlier in colder months, which means that the hours available for painting by daylight are reduced. This means that painters have to work faster and more efficiently in winter, which means you’ll get results quicker.

More Entertainment

By the time summer rolls around, your home will be painted beautifully. And, you’ll have had time to add new decorating touches. This means you can jump right into entertaining in your new and improved home and show off the freshly painted rooms to your friends and family, without worrying about the presence of paint fumes, ladders and plastic sheets being in the way.

All that’s left to do once you’ve decided to paint your home is to select the right Brisbane painters and the colour and paint you want them to use. BJC Painting Services will offer you a cost- and obligation-free quote, so get in touch today and bring some colour into your home.

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