The cost of house painters cutting corners

Having your house painted can be expensive and people are always looking to save money.  This is a normal thing.

However, it’s important to think long term, because if you think short term, you can end up spending more money because the paint will fail after 5 years instead of 15 years.

More often than not, when a painter is offering to charge less, it’s because they are doing less.  This means that your paint is more likely to fail. If your pain fails, it means you will need to have it repainted.  And this is where it becomes expensive.

The hidden cost of a smaller invoice

For example, if you are quoted for someone to paint your house and it’s going to cost $10,000.  And you find someone who says they will do that job for $6,000. That is a considerable saving and hard to ignore.

However, because there are a lot of costs involved in painting your house, which usually comes down to the cost of labour and time required to do the job, it is likely that the cheaper job will cut corners.

This might look good on paper and even better in the bank, but your paint is at risk of failing early, which means you’re going to have to get it repainted.

What does this mean for the homeowner?

This means that the paint on your house is not going to last.  It hasn’t been prepared properly, and usually means it doesn’t have enough layers to stand up to the weather conditions.

It will likely fail after 5 years, and you will need to do it again.  If you have to do it again, you will still need to pay $10,000 because this is what it takes to do the job properly.

So in the end, you will end up paying $16,000.

This means it’s far better value to do it right the first time.

cutting corners
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