What is Dulux Accreditation for house painters

Dulux is an internationally recognised brand, known for its superior quality paint.  However, they are aware that if a painter applies the paint poorly, will reflect negatively on their brand.  

There are correct procedures for painting and when followed the paint job will stand the test of time.

Dulux created the Accreditation program to ensure that the paint is being applied correctly.

How does a house painter become Dulux Accredited?

For a house painter to be accepted into the Dulux Accreditation, there are a few things that they must do.

Firstly, there is an annual fee that the house painter must pay to be part of the Accreditation.

How does Dulux know the paint is being applied correctly to a house?

Dulux has created and defined procedures that house painters must follow to ensure that the paint lasts for the maximum amount of time.

Then a representative from Dulux Accreditation will physically go to the location of where the house painter was, and inspect their work.  The representative is checking that the work is up to a high standard.

The Dulux Accreditation Representative will also talk with the house painter’s clients to find out if the customer service was also of a high standard.

Does Dulux check a house painters public liability insurance?

Dulux Accreditation requires the house painter must have public liability, work cover and will check that the house painter has a QBCC licence.

What qualities does Dulux look for in a house painter?

Dulux wants to ensure that the house painters in the program are aligned with the values of customer service, health, safety, high-quality work and longevity.

Dulux will only allow a house painter into the program if they are able to demonstrate a high standard of workmanship and business practices.

Dulux accreditation
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