How we stop mold growing when painting your house

Mold or Mildew is one of those things that can get in and destroy your paint.

Not only can it destroy your paint, but if unchecked it can destroy the physical structure of your house.

This is not a problem to ignore, its something to address thoroughly.  We take mold and mildew seriously and so should you.

Most common places Mold grows

When painting inside someone’s house, we must address the areas where mold and mildew are more likely to occur.  This includes places such as bathrooms, or anywhere there is poor ventilation.

Preparing to paint places where mold grows

The best solution to mold or mildew is prevention.  The first thing to do is to kill the mold and then make it so that it can’t grow back.

Before painting, we go through and wash these areas with a chlorine solution.  This way, if there is any mold or mildew, we can kill it with the chlorine.

The next step is to wash that chlorine solution away, this is for safety.

Why is prevention so important?

If we don’t clean those surfaces properly before painting, then there is a chance that the mold or mildew can regrow.  This can potentially destroy your paint.

We check our work in 12 months

We always come back to inspect the house that we have painted, within 12 months and check that everything is fine.  If we find that there is a problem, we will fix that paint job free of charge.

bathroom paint
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