3 Ways a Fresh Coat of Paint Can Increase Your Brisbane Home’s Resale Value

cost effective house painting

Are you planning to sell your Brisbane home? If so, then you might be asking yourself if there are practical and cost-effective ways to boost its resale value. Read this guide to learn how refreshing your home’s paint can increase your home’s value.

Selling your old home in Brisbane is not a walk in the park. Currently, a house will stay on the listings for an average of 32 days before it is snapped up by a buyer. But this only applies to homes that are in the best locations and are in a good condition. Homes that are not in good condition, on the other, languish on the listings longer.

One of the first things prospective buyers consider is the home’s appearance. Indeed, first impressions last. And one of the first things they notice is the condition of your home’s paint, as well as its colour.

If you’re planning to sell your home and you’re looking for ways to sell it faster, then here’s a tip: have your old home repainted before looking for a real estate agent. 

Check out why a simple repainting can increase your home value when it’s time to sell.

1. A fresh coat of paint can impress prospective buyers at first sight

Protect your painted walls

Put yourself in a prospective buyer’s shoes and imagine this. You pull up to a property for a showing or an open house, then you step out of the car to see the house in its full glory.

But then… Oh, no. You notice that the house’s exterior paint is chipped or faded. You enter the yard and notice that sagging has occurred in some areas. And that’s just the exterior. You enter the house and you immediately notice that the interior paint is dirty and has mildew.

Yikes! Chances are high that you’ll hightail it out of the house faster than the real estate agent can say “Welcome!”

That’s why real estate agents stress the importance of having your home repainted even before you have it listed on the market. It gives off the impression that you care for your home enough that you would give it some cosmetic improvements before selling it.

2. Paint protects your walls

cost effective house painting

Coastal Queensland climate is notoriously harsh on house walls and their paint. The tropical sun can cause paint to fade prematurely, as well as blister and peel after prolonged exposure. 

Combine high temperatures with high humidity and frequent rains, and you have the perfect blend for the formation of mould and mildew.

Proper surface preparation and a fresh coat of paint not only make your property more inviting but can also protect your walls from mould and mildew. And if you’re selling a Queenslander, a coat of paint can prolong the lifespan of your timber cladding by protecting them from termites and other insects. 

3. Paint is a cost-effective way to make a home more inviting

You don’t need to renovate your entire home just to improve it. Having it repainted is an affordable way to improve its ambience and make it more attractive to any buyer who visits your home.

If you have any questions about having your house in Brisbane repainted, how much it costs, and your colour options, just get in touch with us. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

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