5 Exterior Paint Colour Trends for Your Brisbane Home

exterior house painted

Do you want to give your Brisbane home an instant facelift without spending thousands and thousands of dollars? Then have it repainted!

But what colour should you choose to repaint your home with? Here are some of the hottest exterior paint colour trends for your Brisbane home.

1. Keep it Timeless with Solid Whites

White queenslander house

We’ve got to admit, white paint for home exteriors is here to stay. But what makes white the most popular colour for many homeowners?

First, it lends your home a fresh and brilliant look and feel no matter its age. Do you own a 30-year-old Queenslander and want to make it look new again? Or do you have a brand new house and you want to have it painted as soon as possible? Then choose white.

But pure white can be boring sometimes, so paint manufacturers made sure that it is not the only shade you can choose for your home’s exterior.

For example, white paints with blue or grey undertones are perfect for modern homes. If you want a more subtle and classic look, then old favourites such as cream and white with peach undertones are great choices for your home’s exterior.

2. Always Sunny with Bright Yellow Paint and Vivid White Accents

A pale yellow exterior with white accents is an instant classic. What sets it apart? Well, these colours give your home that fresh yet timeless aura. It also lends any home that touch of brightness and cheerfulness even from the outside.

For Brisbane homes, we recommend that you choose pale yellows as they look good under the tropical sun. Steer clear of extremely vivid yellows that can look tacky sometimes.

3. Light Peach with Cream Trims

We love a good peach-coloured home especially if it’s Mediterranean-inspired or situated by the beach. It’s just so bright and gives off that cherry energy that lifts your mood every time you look at the walls.

But peach paint can be tricky to pull off. Just like very bright yellows, dark and vivid peach hues can make the wrong house look garish. That’s why we recommend light and medium shades. 

Have your trims, columns, and other exterior accents painted pure white for a nice and even contrast. You can also pair peaches with some light greys or dark browns for accent.

4. A Touch of Serenity with Pale Blue and White

A house with pale blue exterior walls and vivid white trims? What’s not to love? It’s calm, it’s inviting, and when done right, it lends a touch of freshness to an old or new house.

The hottest shades today are blue with a hint of grey undertones and ones that come with green undertones. Perfect for seaside houses and those in suburbs.

grey roof on painted house

5. Versatile Greys

If you want to go bold and modern in your colour choice, then you can never go wrong with various shades of grey. If you want something a little on the safe side, then we recommend light to medium grey shades with blue undertones. But if you really want your home to really stand out, then choose darker, richer shades of grey.

Haven’t found the right paint colour for your Brisbane home’s exterior yet? Then reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to do a colour consultation.

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