Tips on Choosing the Best Colour Scheme for Your Bedroom

Best Colour Scheme for Your Bedroom

The bedroom is the most personal of all the rooms in the house. It is your very own haven, and you take pains to ensure that every element in your bedroom suits your taste. But choosing the right colour scheme for the room has been quite overwhelming for you because there are just too many pretty colours that you want to try.

In this article, our colour experts from BJC Painting Services will discuss some tips on choosing the best colour scheme for your bedroom. You will also learn how to mix and match paint colours, as well as learn which material looks good with certain hues. Let’s begin.


White interior of room

Let’s start with white as it is the most popular colour for bedrooms (or any room for that matter). White evokes a feeling of purity and cleanliness that’s why it’s a favourite among homeowners all over the world. This colour is perfect for a small and dark bedroom as it can make it appear larger and brighter than it actually is.

If you’re choosing white to paint your bedroom with, then you’re in luck as it is one of the most versatile. Choose black, dark grey, or beige if you want to stick to neutral tones for the accents and want to go for a fairly monochromatic look. Curtains, pillowcases, and upholstery in bold or pastel colours will also look great against a white backdrop.

Light Grey

Light grey is all the rage these days thanks to the popularity of contemporary home designs. The problem is that it is one of those colours that can be hard to pull off. If you really want to paint your bedroom walls light grey, then make sure that it gets plenty of natural lighting to make it look less gloomy. If you have a dark or small bedroom, then it’s probably best to go for the lightest grey you can find or incorporate the colour into an accent wall.

Grey is perfect with different shades of purple and blue. If you like that trendy monochromatic look for your bedroom, then choose paint colours of different shades of grey. Add some wooden furniture or plants to make the room look a bit warmer and more welcoming.


blue modern bedroom interior

Another popular paint colour for the bedroom is blue. This colour evokes feelings of calmness and being one with nature. Pale blues and whites with blue undertones are always perfect for bedrooms, whether they receive plenty of sunlight or not.

Vivid white ceilings and window trims go well with any shade of blue, along with beige and cream. You can also integrate pale blues with darker, more vivid ones if you want a monochromatic look for your bedroom. Blue walls also look great with wood, natural fibres, and light-coloured laminate flooring.


Because it is the colour of the sun’s rays, yellow symbolises warmth and positivity. It is frequently used in living rooms, kitchens, and kids’ rooms, but it is also perfect for adult bedrooms. This fun colour is ideal for small and large rooms, even those that don’t get plenty of sunlight.

Pale yellows are perfect for small bedrooms that receive a minimal amount of sunlight during the day. But if you want to go bold and your bedroom receives a lot of sunlight, then go for yellows with a bit of pink tinge or rich gold ones. Terra cotta, copper, or grey accents also look good on a sea of yellow.


green vintage room interior plants

Last but not least is green. This refreshing and relaxing colour is available in different shades, including refreshing mint to dark and mysterious forest green.

Greens are best when combined with beige, light brown, white, and dark grey accents. It is also great with natural materials, so go ahead and get that wood chair or dresser.

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