How to Pick the Best Colours for Any Room in Your House

Best Colours for Any Room in Your House

There’s nothing more exciting than picking the paint colours for your new home. But you have to be careful because you might end up with one you absolutely loathe. While it’s easy to have the walls repainted, it still costs a lot of money. Plus, you have to go through the hassle once again.

So if you want a fairly stress-free painting experience, then check out BJC Painting Services advice on how to pick the best colours for any room in your house. Let’s get started. 

By Location

Rooms that face east

Rooms that face east receive a high amount of morning sunlight, thus making them some of the brightest rooms in the house. They, however, tend to get darker and cooler as the day wanes. Kitchens should ideally face east, but you can also put your bedroom on the eastern side of the house if you’re an early riser.

White, cream, and beige paints are always great for east-facing rooms, along with warm, happy colours, such as yellow and light orange. Pastel blues and greens look good when golden rays of early morning sunlight strike them, but make sure that they don’t contain grey undertones as they can look a bit dull.

Rooms that face west

Living rooms and bedrooms are ideal west-facing rooms thanks to the large amount of late afternoon sunlight they would receive. These rooms are cool in the morning and early afternoon, but they can get pretty hot right before the sun sets.

Once again, we recommend white, cream, and beige paint. But don’t just go for ordinary whites. Choose ones that have peachy or yellow undertones to highlight the late afternoon sun’s golden glow. Yellows and very pale oranges are great for these rooms, too.

Rooms that face north

Rooms that face north are cooler for most of the day because they do not receive a lot of direct sunlight like east and west-facing rooms do. Most living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms are ideally north-facing rooms so they can be cooler during the day.

White paints with blue undertones are perfect for north-facing rooms, as well as pale blue, green, and yellow. If you want to go bold, you can have the walls painted with rich reds, deep greys, or vivid blues. You can try an accent wall at first if you’re afraid that your colour choice is going to be too overpowering.

Rooms that face south

These rooms receive the least amount of sunlight during the day, so they tend to be darker and colder. Bathrooms, garages, and laundry rooms ideally should face south as they are not used by the occupants frequently. Vivid white is ideal for these rooms, as well as light greys, creams, or beige. You can paint the cabinets and other accents black, taupe, or brown to give it a little exciting twist.

By Room

Living Room

Living Room

White and other light neutrals are always a favourite when it comes to living room paint. But if you want to make the look seem brighter for whenever you and your family get together, you can always go for different shades of yellow or pale blues. Paint an accent wall in aquamarine, navy, or deep grey to break the monotony of pale colours.



Yellows are perfect for kitchens as they evoke a feeling of warmth and happiness. Plus, your kitchen probably faces east, so you can take advantage of the golden sunlight that streams in early in the morning. You can always paint your kitchen white if you want a classic look, and paint the accents grey or black for a distinctively contemporary feel.


Be careful in choosing paint colours for your bedroom as this can affect how you rest. Certain shades of red and bright shades of yellow, for example, are such vibrant, energetic colours that will probably stimulate instead of lulling you to sleep.

Whether your bedroom is facing north, south, east, or west, it’s best to choose to stick to white and the lightest of greys. If you’re going to choose white paint, choose ones with peach or yellow undertones for a hint of warmth and cheerfulness.



White, beige, and cream have always been homeowner favourites for bathrooms. But lately, we’ve seen black and white bathrooms, as well as ones with white base and light grey or blue accents.

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