Professional painting tips and tricks

Professional painting tips and tricks

Painting parts of your house, from the interior to the exterior, is never an easy job. It is tedious in every way from beginning to end, and oftentimes, demands more time than is usually expected. Deciding on colours and selecting the right tones and hues over a palette might be a perfect way to spend a whole weekend over with your loved ones, but once you get to the point where you actually lift the brush or roller, that’s where reality kicks in.

That’s because becoming a house painter even for a weekend is not as easy as you would imagine. No matter how DIY enthusiasts portray everything online, the fact remains that skills and experience count for every painting job, even on that particular weekend project.

With that said, it always pays to have a professional house painter take on the job. Peace of mind is always priceless, and with a hired professional house painter you can never go wrong. But for those who choose to remain as faithful DIY weekend warriors, here are a few tips and tricks from Brisbane’s finest professional house painters, BJC Painting Services.

1. Area preparation

At best, preparing the area where you intend to paint is basic, but often taken for granted. Most people understand the concept of preparation yet lack the proper effort to employ when doing so.

Area preparation is more than just moving stuff to and from the room to create ample space within the area, here are 3 quick steps to help you get on with the project:

Acquire canvas drop cloth, secure it in place on the floor to act as protection for the surface. Plastic is slippery and you can’t afford to have any potential safety risks.
Cover your furniture with the same. Thin sheets might not help prevent splatters or spillage. Old newspapers could be an alternative, but taping the material always takes too long.
Whenever possible, move all furniture out of the area. If not, then move everything away from the first surface you will be painting over. Place all your painting materials within the nearest proximity to the wall you’ll be working on for safety and practicality.

Professional house painters always maintain a clear process in performing their jobs because hazard risks are present in jobs such as painting. Yours and everybody else’s safety begins with this step.

2. Surface preparation

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The beauty of the final finish on your wall relies heavily on this first tip from professional house painters, surface preparation. Surface preparation is mostly a two-step process, first is scraping off the old paint (when required), then followed by priming the surface for a new coat.

Both steps are meant to be done accordingly when going the DIY route because half of the time, this is the most neglected step in painting your own home. It’s never as easy as it looks. Make sure the surface is cleaned well with the proper chemicals, and free from any other substances, like oil or degreasing agents, that might damage the paint job.

Depending on the coat you have prepared, some paints require a primer for the initial spread, while some are self-primed. For expert tips on how to choose the right kind of paint for the job, you may call BJC Painting Services and we’ll make sure you get good advice.

3. Paint!

When you’ve made sure that you have the right type of paint and colour and you’re all done with steps 1 and 2, open those cans and stir well. The right consistency should not in any way feel runny or your coat will spread thinly.

Start working from the top going down. As with a roller, this direction helps to even the coat on the surface and prevents any occasional drips from not being covered up in the process. A narrow brush will help you reach corners and sections a roller won’t cover.

When done right, painting can be an enjoyable activity for both you or your family. It does not have to be daunting or nearly stressful. Work happily. Play those tunes but be aware of your immediate environment. Right before you know it your masterpiece is done.

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