7 years ago in Wavell Heights

One of the things that BJC Painting Services focuses on is building long-term relationships.  All painting jobs in Brisbane come with a 7-year warranty.  When a painting job is done properly and with regular maintenance, the paint on your house can last as long as 10 – 15 years.

Visiting clients from 7 years ago, it was great to see how the paint is still in good condition.  While there are a few little touch-ups, mostly it will stay strong for a while yet.

The owner of the house, Rachael, was very happy with BJC Painting Services.  When asked if she would share her experiences, this is what she said.

What matters when choosing a house painter in Brisbane

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding which house painter to engage in Brisbane, each painting company is a little bit different. The main concern is knowing that your house is going to look beautiful and that the painting company is capable of delivering.

“So seven years ago, we needed to renovate our house. So our neighbours had used Brett in their renovation. So we decided to get a quote from BJC Painting Services.” Rachael said.

“We did get a couple of other quotes at the time, but Brett’s quote came in really reasonable compared to the other quotes. We were really impressed with the way he approached the house painting from the outset.”  Rachael said.

What it’s like to work with a good painters in Brisbane

It’s all good for a house painter to deliver a reasonable quote, but what happens after that is what really counts.  This is the most important part.  This is your house, your private property and your most significant investment.  It is important that the house painters in Brisbane respect your privacy and property.

It’s important that the painting is completed promptly and accurately.  Further to this, the painting job requires the house painter to come back and check that everything has been completed to a high standard.

“During the house paint, everything went really well.” Rachael said, “and then at the completion of the job, he came back and did a thorough check of the house, to make sure we were happy with everything a couple of months later.”

Why people in Brisbane get house painter back for new work

When a house painter makes extra effort to deliver an outstanding outcome, it’s natural to want to work with them again.  By focusing on building long-term relationships and ensuring that work is completed to a high standard, it’s normal that people ask BJC Painting Services to come back or recommend them to friends.

“A couple of years ago, we got BJC Painting Services to come back again.” Rachael said,  “and we experienced the same process. And he really worked with us working with the other tradies that we had to make sure that we got the outcome that we wanted.”

“He was very flexible with the approach to painting the house, which was quite a long term job and we’re just about to get Brett in again to do some extra work on the house,” Rachael said, “so we’ve been really impressed and we will keep bringing him back,”

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