How we prepare to Paint the Exterior of Your House

The exterior of the house must be able to withstand the brutality of Queensland’s harsh sun.  Not only this, but there can sometimes be extreme weather conditions and generate wear and tear that comes with the everyday life of a house.

For example, a branch from a tree might grow and start scratching the wall.  Your dog might jump up on the wall or your kids might accidentally hit the house with something they shouldn’t.

Anything can happen and this is why we are thinking when it comes to painting your house.

When painting the exterior of a house, the preparation process is definitely key.

Preparation and Planning is key

With any painting job, but particularly outside, if we miss the mark it’s going to fail quite quickly with the weather conditions in Brisbane, Queensland.

Old houses can’t be sanded because of lead paint

With a lot of these old homes that we work with, they’ve got a level of lead content in them, because people used to use lead-based paints.

So it’s important not to sand those, we don’t want to create any dust. If we sand the old lead-based paints, it’s going to float into the atmosphere and become a hazard.

The painters will breathe that in, so will the homeowner and also for the surrounding neighbourhood.

Removing old lead paint safely

The procedure for removing the lead-based paints from old houses is to use a product called Dumond Smart Strip. It’s an environmentally friendly paint stripper.

We literally just put that on the surface that needs to be removed with a paper backing that goes on that, then we let that product sit there for 12 hours 24, 48 hours

It breaks down the old paint, and then we come in and start removing all that from the wall. We capture everything in plastic as it falls off the wall. Once we’ve finished we roll the plastic up and remove that from the site.

Disposing of old lead paint safely

As long as the lead-based paint has dried out into a hard substance, and as long as it’s all wrapped up, its safe for disposal of.

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