Can I still live in my house while you are painting?

This is a common question house painters get because painting your house can be a bit disruptive while we are doing the job.  Having people enter into your house can be invasive, but there are steps professional painters can do to minimise their impact while completing work inside your house.

It’s a normal question to ask a house painter, how can we manage to live our lives while you are in our house?

By listening to our client’s requests and following their guidelines, we are able to ensure that the process of painting your house can happen as quickly and as stress-free as possible.

Maximum number of professional painters on site

To minimise the disruption, we limit the number of guys working at any time to 2 or 3 max.  This way, you are not overrun by painters. Although having more painters on site might make the job finish faster, we have found that the optimal number of people working at one job is 2 or 3.

By having fewer people in the house, we can focus on delivering a better quality experience for our clients.  “We don’t want to overrun the house with painters,” Brett Callander said.

Follow the client’s guidelines

All house painters should be aware that they are guests in someone’s house.  The best thing is always to respect their space and have a little impact as possible.

We discuss with our clients to know where’s the best place for us to start painting their house and follow through with their guidelines. This way, clients are able to prepare in advance and know which rooms will be completed first.

This makes the entire process less stressful, easier and much more manageable for both the house painters and the homeowner.  “We discuss with the homeowner, which rooms they want us to start with and which ones to do last. This way, we know exactly how they want to manage it from their side.  I let them lead the way and we follow,” Brett said.

How to prepare for house painters

There are a few little things that you can do to help speed up the process.  Before the painters arrive, it is helpful if any loose items such as pictures and light stands are removed and stored in a safe place.

The house painters will move the heavier items into the centre of the room and cover it with plastic.  This will stop any paint from accidentally dripping on your couch, bed or other furniture.

By following this process, we can move quickly and efficiently to apply the paint to the walls and allowing it time to dry.  This means you can move back into your room faster.

Will paint get on my carpet?

We protect any carpet and timber with drop sheets and cover the edges of the floor with strips of paper and tape.

When painting your house, it’s important to us that you have the best experience possible and know that we will not damage your property in any way. “The only place paint is going in the areas we have quoted on,”  Brett said.

Can I still live in my house while you are painting?
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